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“The most important rule of scuba diving is to Stop! Think! Then act! And that's exactly what we do when taking on new jobs”

– Paweł Kłos, CEO at NextGen Software House
Who we are

You're in good company

NextGen is a cloud-native software development company with excellent knowledge, skills, experience in DevOps, Security, web and mobile. We build solutions that solves real-life problems in your industry. Our experienced squad offers software development services and solutions to businesses all around the world. We have experience in many fields with our core strength being DevOps. We work with clients from sectors like FinTech, Telco, banking, health, crypto, POS systems, blockchain, utility, smart city, IoT, and many more.

Professional development

We take on tasks, no matter how complex and neglected, to test out tech solutions and services to businesses. Our digital products let organizations do things differently. Better, faster, and with less effort. We're like the ninjas that come to pick up the pieces of your forgotten project and save it.

Client-focused services

Our team has the best of the best from the IT market to develop technology innovative strategies and bespoke products. We understand that a successful company needs balanced business and technical needs.

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About us

Our vision and mission

We help startups and enterprises in creating dedicated platforms and software - DevOps, DevSecOps solutions, as well as Web and Mobile applications. Ninja style!

What is our vision

We strongly believe in fixing the unfixable. Finishing the unfinished. If you have an idea we can build your product from scratch. But, if you need help with your ongoing product, we can work with you and help to develop it to achieve full functionality.

Who we are

We're in business to bring help. We're engineers at heart who understand business. Our goal of solving the hardest cases has attracted clients who aspire to develop modern groundbreaking innovations. Together we can solve any problem!

What we do

You can be sure that if we find new hurdles or new, better possibilities while working on your project we will let you know. It'll always be up to you which path you want to take. We'll give you the best possible solutions. We believe transparent and open communication is critical when working toward a joint goal. We value trustworthy relationships with clients.

How we do it

We start by getting to know the needs of the organization and the expectations of its end users. We analyze the problem and go through the documentation before brainstorming ideas and offering the best possible solutions. We are constantly looking for unconventional cost-effective solutions, so our customers can grow within their niche.

Our benefits

Why should you work with us

If it's not broken, keep fixing it until it is, right? Think again! If you have a difficult project that's been ongoing for far too long, let us help you.

Years of experience

We realize that delivering modern technology innovations is usually limited by tight budgets and sharp deadlines. Over the years, we have developed an optimal framework to solve the most difficult cases. It works every time!

Problem understanding

While some companies need to have a product built from scratch, sometimes a project has already been started, and then left aside. Months have gone by, the team is not there anymore, stakeholders have had arguments, or the project has proved to be too difficult to pick up. That's where we come in and raise the challenge! That's what we're best at.

Saving your time

We pick up the pieces, fix the infrastructure, and deliver manpower to automate your manual processes. You save the time of your teams and managers while maintaining quality, growing your business, and ultimately enjoying a boost in revenue.

Need someone to pick up the pieces? NGSH to the rescue!

If you feel like you're stuck with your project, or have had one locked in a drawer for long enough get in touch with us. We're like a ninja squad that comes to save it!


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