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NextGen Software House can bring you game-changing software that will make your competitors cry. Once a client, always a partner. Working with us is a long-term investment that can do wonders for your business

Professional development

We're a strong team of tech nerds that have been working together for long enough to develop super-effective systems and work values. We already know the problems your business might have even long before you start to experience them.

Human-to-human approach

We are a B2B company, but more importantly, we take on a human-to-human approach. We care about your pain points, and our prime goal is to focus on the growth of your company.

Customer service oriented

No more wasting time and energy on unnecessary processes. As a forward-thinking software house, we specialize in fixing the unfixable and delivering bespoke software solutions crafted for your company and your end users.

End-to-end support

Whether you run a small business or represent an enterprise-sized organization, if you're stuck with a problem that can be solved by custom-made software, NGSH can help you bring it to life. Ninja style!

LET'S DISCUSS YOUR BUSINESS! Don't put this off like a software update! No matter the project, let's make it awesome together!

Why Us

We create services that really work

Our tech squad is well-bred with the latest tools and processes to make your ongoing project a success. Our corporate culture is to help to grow businesses like yours. Our goal is to provide solutions that meet the business goals of our clients. We design and implement digital products and services that give real value to our clients and their end users.







Our process

How we work together with you on your success

Years of experience enabled us to develop Agile delivery process that makes 107% of our clients recommend us. It has 8 awesome features that are the pillars of the success for every project.






Budget friendly

Fast Time-To-Market


Tech stack

Bet on technologies that will work even years from now

We use only trusted, scalable and flexible technologies. Didn't find a technology that you would like to use in your service or application? Do not worry! Contact us and be sure that we will offer you the best and most sustainable solution.

Case studies

Challenges & Solutions

We push ourselves to solve the hardest technology problems. That's why companies trust NGSH. See for yourself.



WeSub helps enterprises to transform into a subscription model. The company reached out to us for advice on possible software improvements.


The client was using a 'custom-made' software for its everyday processes which was made by an external company. Unfortunately, the software quality wasn't giving the desired result. System errors and the ongoing issues with performance and the efficiency of the solution were causing problems for the company.


Comprehensive analysis of the client's needs in terms of the system functionality and full infrastructure audit. The verification revealed many fixes required in the code. To ensure the high performance and reliability of the system mapping out a new, built-from-scratch, infrastructure was essential.


The most important result of the cooperation was the modernization of the system. We fixed bugs in both angular front-end and java back-end programming. What's more, we came up with new options for deployment and infrastructure architecture to replace the previously poorly developed strategies.

Start making business with our software

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